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The Arab Federation of Shipping was formally  established on10.4.1979 Headquarters located inBaghdad.
Pursuant to the notice of the former Assistant Secretary General  dated Amman, 8th July 2003, which was addressed to all members, requesting to held an urgent meeting out side  Iraq in order  to resolute a new location for headquarters instead of Baghdad,On December 5-6 2003 a General Assembly was held in Beirut, to review agenda out of which include 

  • a proposal to move headquarters from Baghdad to Beirut,  
  • followed by electing of a new Board of Directors, wherein Mr Anwar Gazawoui, the Chairman of the Lebanese Shipowners’

Association, was elected as the new Secretary General for the Federation.
These resolutions were duly notified to the Counsel of the Arab Economic Union, which marked its approval on same.
On date of 23.12.2004, the Lebanese Cabinet issued  a Decree Nr54 approving Beirut as Headquarters for the Federation,granting all the privileges provided per Law Nr 114 of 7.12.91. This decision of the Lebanese Cabinet was in pursuant to the resolution adopted by the  Federation Board of Directors in its session of 5-6th December 2003 implementing the relocation of headquarters from Baghdad to Beirut. 
 Obviously, The Arab Federation for Shipping is one of the specific and specialized federations under the umbrella of the

Counsel of the Arab Economic Union  within the League of Arab States.

Objectives  :
the objectives of the federation are to unite all members efforts in order to realize the cooperation in between, also to offer

assistance to the Members in a goal  of development and prosperity of the federation, of where to upgrade competencies and enlarge activities as to serve progress plans, to facilitate transportation of passengers as well as the laden of merchandise between Arab States and other overseas Countries.

Generally to participate and activate a full completing  mutual 

economy among Arab States through the Federation missions in lieu of practicing of its experiences and specializations.      
Membership in the Federation  consist  of levels as follows:
1- Active:         member
2- Enlisted :    members
3- Supervisor: members 

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